Zandi Tisani :: Arcade Content director


Zandi Tisani joins Arcade Content

Rising star Zandi Tisani has joined Arcade Content, where she’ll be working from their Johannesburg office.

Zandi’s already directed her first two brand films with Arcade, for Native VML’s Make One Day #Today campaign for Standard Bank, starring Moonchild Sanelly with The Sartists and Mashayabhuqe kaMamba with Lebogang Rasethaba respectively.

“Zandi’s mind works in amazing ways,” says Arcade co-founder Lebogang Rasethaba. “She’s able to link ideas, tap into the nuances of life and make it seem so obvious. Sometimes it’s embarrassing talking to her because you are constantly asking yourself, ‘Damn, why didn’t I think of that?’ She’s forward-thinking, progressive, and badass – exactly the kind of person we want on our team.”

Zandi marries a strong understanding of narrative with a commitment to powerful imagery. After specializing in screenwriting at UCT, she went on to be part of teams that won SAFTAs for TV scriptwriting in both Comedy (Those Who Can’t) and Drama (Umlilo). But she also studied photography for two years and found success as a stylist for the likes of Rolling Stone South Africa and award-winning fine artist Kudzanai Chiurai.

Zandi moved into directing with Zaki Ibrahim’s Go Widdit music video, which made OkayAfrica’s top 10 for the year. She followed this with up with the short film, Heroes, a dark comedy that explores a white community’s reaction to the first black family in their suburb post-1994. Through Goodcoop, she’s also made two short Joburg-set documentaries, Highlands and Style Diary: Yeoville, which showcase the strong sense of place in all her work. In April, Highlands is screening as part of Visions Du Reel’s Focus South Africa selection of the country’s best contemporary documentaries.

“I look forward to delivering fresh and exciting ideas that challenge the boundaries of what we consider to be branded content,” says Zandi. “Kyle and Lebo have managed to make some headway in this, so I’m excited to get a chance to outrun the boys…”

When she’s not pitching on brand films, Zandi is working on her upcoming web series, People You May Know, which she’s producing with Goodcop.

Zandi Tisani :: Arcade Content director

What people are saying:

“Zandi Tisani’s films are sensitive and fantastical portraits of quiet existences. Largely inspired by her home city of Johannesburg, tinted with humour and an instinct for the ridiculous, they pick at fashion, culture, identity and race. While many local artists are using their work to answer the ever evolving (and endlessly exciting) question what is South African identity? Zandi is looking in a different direction. With an unwavering focus on the individual — the way they dress, eat, speak, breath in and out — her work vibrates with ideas about class, gender, sex and violence.” I-D Magazine

“One of the funniest and shrewdest people online right now. Expect humour, fierceness, philosophising, and – in the words of Madonna – a candid take on what it feels like for a girl.” Marie Claire

“A womxn who’s blunt AF, funny as hell, obsessed with popular culture, and engaged in social politics. Her work is both influenced by and, in certain cases, made possible because of social media, and she’s particularly interested in the areas where high art and pop culture intersect.” Between 10 and 5